Emmi Pet-The ultrasonic toothbrush for pets (dogs, cats and other)

Emmi Pet -The ultrasonic toothbrush for dogs and cats

Help your favourites pets with optimal dental care, because prophylaxis is the best protection against tartar, infection of the gums and bad breath of the dog. With the ultrasonic toothbrush you can avoid the narcosis during the professional dental cleaning with the vet.

Again and again – tartar at our dog Cory

Our Golden Retriever Cory has been suffering from tartar for quite a while, this tartar comes up in light and dark brown edges on the teeth towards the gums. Although we tried various measures, we were not successful. It was only with our new Emmi pet and thus better dental hygiene that it almost disappeared.

What is tartar?

For this we use as a source Wikipedia with the status of 2018/07/14:

… as tartar (concrements) you can refer to fixed deposits on the tooth, which cannot be removed by normal clean rinsing or brushing. It consists of apatite, hydroxyapatite, brushit, whitlockit, proteins and carbohydrates…

What are the causes of tartar?

In essence, tartar evolves with the time from the soft plaque produced by bacteria. The inclusion of minerals creates a solid mass that cannot be removed with normal brushing. At first he white, then goes into the yellow and then becomes brown.

A more detailed description in german is available at the following link: https://aubacke.de/zahnstein.htmThe forming of tartar is generally favoured by sugar-containing foodstuffs and lack of dental hygiene. However, individual factors such as the type of saliva and the amount of minerals in the spittle also play a role.

Therefore, make sure that your dog or cat does not receive any sugary food that can be optimally used by the bacteria. Sometime tooth-cleaning supplements such as bovine scalps, can support saliva flow and mechanical cleaning.

The change of feeding on BARF should help, we have tried this – in the end it was too expensive for us and did not help either.

What are the ways of removing the tooth stone?

When the tartar is there, many ways promise a removal of the tooth stone. Here is a short overview:

– Mechanical scrapers, also called scalers, can remove the tartar at easily accessible places, but this also associated with the high risk of injury to the gum
– Baking soda, vinegar, lemon and other “home spun remedies” are intended to release the tartar by its alkaline or acid expression – with the risk that the animal will swallow these substances
– Various dental cleaning sets with special enzyme-toothed creams should remove the tartar, this has not helped us at all.

-The dentist removes the tartar mechanically and with a hard ultrasound – but an narcosis of the animal is mostly necessary – for most animals this is a tortue.. And especially with older animals, very often affected by strong tartar, they can no longer be placed under anesthesia because of the risks to life.

The problem with all solutions is that they have either not worked at all and/or the tartar was back in a short time. We were pretty clueless.

Until we got to know the ultrasonic toothbrush of Emmi Deutschland by accident. I was interested from the beginning, because I myself also prone to tartar and had to go 2 times a year for professional dental Cleaning (PTC).

After I read into the topic of ultrasound toothbrushes, I ordered an emmi dent for me, a little later then an Emmi pet for our dog

How and where can I buy the emmi pet?

Emmi ultrasonic toothbrushes are offered directly by independent sales partners of Emmi in direct sales or in an Internet shop. These partners advise on questions and support the first usage. Hier können Sie die Emmi Pet kaufen.

If you are uncertain and have questions, just let us know (get intouch). Advice can be provided on-site at your home or by telephone, skype …

We also always have some rental equipment available if you want to test Emmi pet (contact us here)

How does does the ultrasound toothbrush work?

We look at the active principle in the video.

Due to the ultrasound micro-bubbles iare created and then implode, this cleans until the smallest pores and bacteria are eliminated.

The motionless and gentle tooth cleaning means completely silent cleaning with soft ultrasound (as you probably know from your jewelry) without rubbering your teeths. The ultrasound works up to 12 mm deep into the gums.

You have now seen how the cleaning with Emmi pet can effectively and sustainably prevent tartar. In the following we will introduce you ot the application on the dog.

How is the emmi pet used on dogs?

The application of the ultrasonictoothbrush is very simple and differs from conventional electric toothbrushes.

The brush head is kept in a bit of water, after which you give an approximately pea large amount of emmi pet ultrasound toothpaste on the brush. The toothpaste is then gently on one side of the jaw to the teeth.

You switch on the toothbrush – you can recognizing this, when the led turns green. Now just hold them to the teeth without pressing them so that the ultrasound can come to the tooth over the straight bristles.

Here you can watch this in a video:

What is the result of cleaning with Emmi pet?

Tooth cleaning of the teeth with the Emmi pet will clean the teeth thoroughly. This optimal cleaning is the best prophylaxis and protection against new Tartar, infection of the gums and halitosis.

In the case of existing tartar, you will already notice after the first applications that the brown goes back and the teeth become noticeably cleaner.

After some time and regular use, the tartar becomes brittle and can be cleaved with the fingernails. For a gentle scraping without injury of the gums I recommend the Rose Wood sticksfrom Emmi.

What other benefits can you find using the emmi pet?

You may notice that the gums become firmer and rosy again. Loose teeth can become firm again and bad breath disappears.
Infection and Aphthae can go back, so you may try it on other body places like infection on the paw.

What experiences have we made during the test of Emmi pet?

Here you will find an experience report of my dog incl. Photos. We would be pleased to invite you to give us feedback on how Emmi-pet worked with your dog.

Our dog also had ta long history with tooth deposits for a long time. Again and again we had to have the dental stone removed under anesthesia at the vet. Since we use the Emmi pet, the coating is always going back and the oral malodor has decreased considerably. The removal of the toothed stone under anesthesia is no longer necessary.

Cory at the beginning of the treatment

Cory before treatment with ultrasonic toothbrush, clear plaque/tartar associated with bad breath - buy emmi pet at ultrasonic-care.de

Teeth before treatment

Cory after 3 months of treatment with the ultrasonic toothbrush, the tartar has declined significantly -Buy Emmi Pet at ultrasonic-care.de

Cory after 3 months using the toothbrush

Your questions answered:

What precaution can I make by using Emmi pet?

  • Gingivitis/Periodontitis
  • Chronic sinus diseases
  • Mouth odor , oral malodor
  • An narcosis for the removal of the tooth stone can be avoided

What is the difference between gingivitis and Paradontitis?

gingivitis is initially only a superficial infection of the gums, periodontitis a later stage in which it may already have come to an injury of the gums, the jaw bones and fibres.

If during the first stage (gingivitis) the inflammation is not effectively combated, it can get worse and it goes to the next phase, called Periodontitis.

The gum pockets grow larger and at a certain depth, the bacteria can directly attack the jaw bone and the surrounding fiber system. The result: teeth can be lost and fall out.

Periodontitis is still the most common cause of tooth loss in adults. Toothbrushes from Emmi are the new help against this widespread oral health problem.

Can I use normal toothpaste or do I need to use a special toothpaste?

For the use with the Emmi Dent and Emmi Pet, the Emmi toothpaste are to be used as only these give 100% support to the ultrasonic cleaning . Other toothpastes block the ultrasound and do not allow the cleaning by the implosion of the bubbles.

Can I use Emmi pet with sensitive gums ?

This is highly recommended, as no mechanical cleaning is done by the toothbrush.
The cleaning process eliminates bacteria that make the gums sensitive.

What is the difference between electric sound and ultrasonic toothbrushes?

The difference between normal sound toothbrushes (e.g. oral B, Philips Sonicare) and ultrasound is the mode of operation.
While Sonic tooth bushes work mechanically with circular or oscillating movements up to 45,000 a minute,
ultrasonic toothbrushes uses air and water for vibrations (up to 96 million per minute).
This creates micro bubbles that clean up to the smallest spaces during bursting (implode).

How often do I have to change heads?

The heads should be changed approximately every 3 months depending on the usage.
However, this is not because of bacterial colonization, but because of the wear of the bristles through the vibrations.

is Emmi pet also suitable for cats?

Yes, it is also suitable for cats, where these are best to take the smaller essays and start within the framework of a cuddle hour. Since there is no noise whatsoever, cats are well accepting the emmi pet .

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