Animal welfare compliance for Emmi-Pet reviewed

The Emmi®-Pet ultrasonic toothbrush for animals was inspected in 2016 by the Department of Animal Welfare and Animal Welfare, the result ->

The Emmi-Pet is animal protection compliant


  • The product is used for tooth cleaning for dogs and must be used as intended in accordance with the user manual in compliance with the safety instructions. Improper use must be refrained from.
  • The keeper must get the dog used to clean the tooth with the device before using the product. The dog has to gradually get used to the toothpaste, the device (hand piece with brush attachment) and the cleaning process.
  • When accustoming the dog to tooth cleaning as well as during later use, care must be taken to deal with the dog in accordance with animal protection and methods of positive motivation must therefore be used.
  • If a dog reacts anxiously or aversely to tooth cleaning despite expert habituation, the cleaning process must be stopped immediately.
  • It is recommended to stay in one place for 5 to 10 seconds. The entire duration of the tooth cleaning should be max. last 3 to 5 minutes. Regular use is recommended, i.e. one to three times a week. However, all time limits must be adjusted to the individual dog and, depending on the behaviour of the dog, shorter durations may be applied.
  • The product does not replace the visit to the veterinarian. It is recommended that the condition of the teeth and mucosa be checked regularly by a veterinarian. In the case of existing changes to teeth or mucosa, a dental check or tooth remediation must be carried out by the veterinarian before the use of the Emmi®-Pet.

If you would like to carry out dental cleaning in accordance with the animal’ animal welfare, please take into account the conditions of use 🙂

2016-10-011 –

Ultrasonic toothbrush for dogs checked by the department for animal welfare and animal welfare and found to be in conformity with animal welfare.

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