Emmi-Pet User Manual

You bought your new dog toothbrush (also suitable for cats) and then published your Emmi-Pet user manual ? No problem we have prepared the essential topics for you and linked the original user manual below. Good luck with your new dental care for your dog or cat.

Scope of delivery of the Emmi-Pet Base Set

Emmi-Pet Base Set with Charging Station, Handpiece, Brush Heads and ToothpasteThe scope of delivery of the Emmi-Pet Base Set includes the handpiece, the charging station, once small and large ultrasonic attachments, the ultrasonic toothpaste as well as the user manual. If you don’t have one yet, you can buy the Emmi Pet here in the shop.

What should be considered during commissioning?

After unpacking it is important to charge the battery the first time for about 24 hours. To do this, first insert the ultrasonic attachment onto the handpiece and then place it on the charging station. For the devices from 2018, you will see a blue LED illuminated. After the device is fully charged, the blue LED goes off. Please also read the important safety instructions in the Emmi-Pet user manual on page 2.

How is the initial application and acclimatization done?

Please proceed with caution during the initial application – although the toothbrush is completely noiseless and vibrationless, the animal has to get used to the new object and new smell. Simply place the brush near the dog (or cat) and let it sniff.

The next step is to turn on the device and simply slide along the body so that the animal can detect that there is no danger. Then you could spread some toothpaste on your finger and let the animal sniff and lick – the toothpaste is tasty for the animal.

Once your dog or cat has become familiar you can start the actual cleaning – but also here – let yourself take your time.

Dip the brush head in sufficient water and spread a capea-sized amount of toothpaste on it. Now brush this on one side of the teeth and switch on the device. Now hold the Emmi to 2-3 teeth for about 5-10 seconds and let the ultrasound work.

If your dog /cat still likes, you can also brush the other side of the tooth. Finally, praise your dog – if he has a good feeling / experience, the cleaning remains in positive memory and next time everything is relaxed. Please refrain from any violence or volume – this will only raise your animal more.

How long and how often should I use the Emmi-Pet?

Many dog and cat owners have shown that 1-3 times a week is sufficient to achieve optimal mouth hygiene. If your dog has a lot of dental plaque / tartar at the beginning, it is recommended to do the cleaning more often and/or more intensively in the first 3 months. Please also consult your veterinarian if there are any illnesses.

Which toothpaste should be used?

Emmi Pet Ultrasonic Toothpaste

Emmi’s special ultrasound toothpaste must be used to ensure that the effect of ultrasound can unfold unhindered. For the requirements of the animals there is especially the Emmi Pet toothpaste. If your dog can’t tolerate it for special reasons, you could alternatively use Nature – it doesn’t contain any substances that could harm your animal. You should not use other toothpastes intended for humans.

What do the LED indicators mean?

The Emmi Pet shows with a green LED that is in operating mode, i.e. switched on. For the version until the end of 2017, this is also available for charging, devices from 2018 onwards will also have a blue and a red LED.

The blue LED lights up when the device is charged – when the system is fully charged, the LED goes out.

If the red LED is lit or flashing,it means that there is an error. Usually the critical charging level is reached – please charge the device on the charging station first. Please also check that the brush head is properly plugged in. If this
red LED
is still flashing, please test with a replacement attachment. If the error still exists, please contact the Emmi hotline at +49 6105-406794.

How do I maintain the battery?

The eco-friendly lithium battery of your Emmi-Pet requires some care for a long service life. This includes that it is not discharged under a critical mark (this is signaled by the
flashing LED). In general, you can place the toothbrush back on the charging station after use or put it down. Personally, because of the standby consumption, we prefer to connect the charging station to the power grid only when necessary, because the usage time under normal use is greater than 10 days. More information can be found on page 7 of the Emmi-Pet user manual.

How long is the warranty?

The warranty is 24 months from the date of purchase – for more information on what is covered and how to handle warranty cases, see page 8.

Where can I get help with questions?

In general, your Emmi sales partner should be able to answer all questions about the application. If you do not have a contact person yet, please feel free to contact us – (by e-mail, Whatsapp or by phone +49 8243 968 5514 ) we will support you in all matters. And of course the manufacturer, Emmi Ultrasonic GmbH (tel: +49 6105-406794), will also help you.

Original Emmi-Pet User Manual

Here we have embedded the user manual for you, if necessary you can download it here.

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