The Emmi ultrasonic toothbrush for optimal cleaning of dental plaque

The ultrasonic toothbrush by Emmi-dent for people and Emmi-Pet for Pets (dogs + cats + horse) offers you a new principle of action in the cleaning of dental plaque and thus maximum benefit using sophisticated technology. Thanks to the new micro-cleaning process with pure ultrasound, the ultrasonic toothbrush reaches up to 96 million oscillations per minute.

Conventional methods, such as the toothbrushing with a hand or other electric toothbrushes, include a so-called macro cleaning, which is done by mechanical movements with 20,000 to 30,000 oscillations per minute.

On the other hand, the new micro-cleaning with up to 96 million oscillations per minute works with a completely different technology – the novel motion-and almost non-contact ultrasonic technology. This has the unbeatable advantage that, in contrast to conventional dental brushing techniques, it also cleans the hard-to-reach places in the oral cavity professionally and thoroughly. The ultrasound waves penetrate into the smallest gaps – even in braces and implants.

My way to ultrasonic toothbrush

Everyone has his own personal reasons why he deals more intensively with tooth cleaning and dental plaque and is looking for better methods.

For me it was mainly traumatic dentist experiences in childhood (who does not know this… Drilling noises) and then in adulthood this often occurring tartar – 2 times a year I had to go to professional tooth cleaning (PTC) with the corresponding costs.

After our dog had suffered from the subject of tartar, in other words under the necessary anesthesia during the cleaning of the teeth, I made a search and discovered by chance the ultrasonic toothbrush of Emmi.

After first hesitation, cause I already used a conventional electric sonic toothbrush, I ordered a emmi-dent and was excited from the beginning. Already at first cleaning I realized how clean the teeth feel – totally smooth.

That convinced me, so I also ordered a toothbrush for our dog – the pictures speak for themselves.

Working Principle

Thanks to a new micro-cleaning process with pure ultrasound at the Emmi-Dent ultrasonic Toothbrush (max. 96 million oscillations per minute) they offer you a new weapon against dental plaque using sophisticated technology and thus maximum benefit. Thanks to the new micro-cleaning process with pure ultrasound, the Emmi-dent ultrasonic toothbrush reaches up to 96 million oscillations per minute.

Cleans and protects children’s teeth

Brushing your teeth doesn’t always have to be boring! With the Emmi-dent ultrasound Toothbrush the dental care is very easy, because the toothbrush does much of the work. tiresome brushing is now no longer necessary, as it is enough to gently guide the toothbrush over the teeth.

Protection and cleaning of braces

With the Emmi-dent ultrasonic toothbrushes, not only children and adults successfully maintain their teeth from dental plaque. We have also come up with something special for young people with braces. The specially designed brush head for braces makes it easier to brush your teeth from the first minute of using.

Against Gingivitis and Periodontitis

A gum inflammation is unpleasant and its counteract as well. Usually a visit to the dentist is inevitable, which opens and cleans the affected gum pockets. This is often a quite painy procedure and unfortunately not a long-term solution to the problem, since often a decent number of bacteria are left and so the gum problems occur regularly.

Crowns, bridges, implants, veneers

Veneers are made of porcelain, so they are scratch-sensitive even for the smallest particles of ordinary toothpaste. The more often you clean your implants with normal toothpaste and toothbrush, the faster they can lose their luster. Emmi-Dent is the first and only toothbrush that no longer requires brushing (quasi a “toothbrush without brushing”).